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Robert Gondek on the way to the highest peaks of African countries

Robert's Team with Burundi Safari Tour Guide

Robert’s Team with Burundi Safari Tour Guide

Robert Gondek has visited 10 African countries. He summited six of the highest African peaks.
He was walking in the rainy forest in Rwanda, swimming in the beautiful Ocean on the Zanzibar island, travelling in some of the most beautiful African National Parks (Kruger NP in South Africa, Etosha NP in Namibia, Serengeti NP in Tanzania, Murchison Falls NP in Uganda and many others).

He was enjoying the sunrise from the summits of Mount Meru, Rwenzori, Mount Kenya, Karisimbi and Kilimanjaro. He was also traveling across Burundi. We were traveling together with him and we organized for him a trekking to the highest peak of Burundi.

He shared with us his feelings about his trip to Burundi. This is what he told us about our country:

‘It was a part of my project called ‘On the way to the highest peaks of African countries‘.
After visiting Rwanda we went to Burundi. Before crossing the border we had a really few information about this country. We were told that it was one of the poorest country in the world and had one of the lowest GDP per capita rate in the world.

Robert walking with a Chimpanzee

Robert walking with a Chimpanzee

After coming to Bujumbura we could see at once that it was a truth. Instead of motorcycles (very popular in a surrounded Rwanda) here you could find bicycles. They were used as a local taxis. In the shops there was a little variety of the products. On the streets a lot of people was asking for money. The houses were simple and small.

But the one thing that we could notice is that people in Burundi were as friendly as in the other African countries. With the first contact, they were a little surprised seeing “mzungu” on the street, but after a while they were happy to talk with us and to help us with something.

I am really glad that we visited Burundi despite the warnings of Polish, American and European Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Staying in Bujumbura we were sure that there was nothing interesting to visit in Burundi. When we left the capital of Burundi, we changed our opinion at once. We saw the second face of Burundi.

Nice resort near Tanganyika Lake

Nice resort near Tanganyika Lake

We started with a trip to Mount Heha – the highest peak of Burundi. The area surrounding this mountain is a beautiful landscape. But not only the area near Mount Heha is a second face of Burundi, we experienced a beautiful, green, mountainous country, which was placed above 1000 or even 1500 meters above sea level.

Summing up – I really recommend to visit Burundi and to see  the Karera Falls, Tanganyika Lake and Gishora Drummers with their show. We can really recommend to write to Burundi Safari Info to help you to find the actual information about Burundi and organize some part of your trip. If you don’t believe how beautiful Burundi is, look at my photos attached to this text. You will believe!


All the articles from Robert’s trips to Africa you can read at his website: http://www.stronagerbera.pl You can also find there the most beautiful photos of African nature, people and landscapes at his website.

You are welcommed to visit the Facebook’s fanpage of the project: ‘On the way to the highest peaks of African countries’