Lake Tanganyika

  • Province: Bujumbura Mairie
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On a total area of ​​32000km2, Lake Tanganyika is classified a priori the longest lake in the world, stretching over nearly 670km from north to south (50 km of average width).
With a record of the second deepest lake in the world after Baikal, it is over 1400m deep. Bottom sedimentary layers are at 6000m deep. Lake Tanganyika is the second largest reservoir of fresh water in Africa with 18800km² after Lake Victoria.
Biodiversity is very remarkable, and there are over 1300 plant and animal species identified from microscopic algae to crocodiles, over 300 species of large and small fish, invertebrates, plants among them about 500 are endemic. This rich biodiversity is of paramount importance all over the world.

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